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julie-mc2book-1 “From the golden beaches of The Sunshine Coast to the seedy alleys of Kings Cross, the wide open roads and stations of the Outback to the endless miles of WA’s stunning wildflowers and beaches, this story takes you on an adventurous ride of love, lust, murder and the most shocking betrayal.” Read more… Email: info@juliemcculloughauthor.com T: 07 41 565342


Go to the BLOG section for all the info on my new novel, THE FIRE IN BLUE, a rural family saga based on my family during the 50’s and 60’s and set in this local Rosedale/Bundaberg area  –  “When hopes and dreams are shattered by despair and betrayal, there is always room for a miracle.”  “Heart-wrenching and heart-warming”

Please click on Book Trailer to see the book and the back cover blurb.

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