Chapter 1 of “SECRETS, LIES & GRACE”.

SECRETS, LIES & GRACE   CHAPTER 1 The lonely road loomed ahead of Grace, snaking its way up the wooded range. Destination: anywhere away from the mess her once-happy life had become. Even though she now had company in the car, her own loneliness had already clawed at her shattered heart, cutting and shredding it […]

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Amended first paragraph, Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 Swerving! Rolling! ‘Gorgeous flowers’, thought Grace, reaching out to touch. Tumbling! Dirt! “Ouch!” Short, jagged lantana thorns tore at her bare, bruised skin. Pain! Screams! They tore at her fractured heart and her crumbling resolve. Petrol! BOOM! What was next? Was she dead? Was this hell? Face contorted in pain and frustration, she […]

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